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Abuse happens to people of all ages, races, income level, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.
You have the RIGHT to be safe.


If your partner:

  • humiliates you

  • yells at you

  • makes you feel crazy

  • isolates you from friends

  • tells you what to do/can’t do

  • demands sexual favours

  • makes threats to harm

  • destroys your things

  • blames you for their behaviour

you may be suffering abuse.

General Services

  • shelter for women and children

  • counselling and information on abuse and its effects

  • advocacy: help in accessing community resources such as financial assistance, police, lawyers, children’s services, etc.

  • accompaniment to court and professional appointments

  • Ourselves support group

Outreach Services

Autumn House offers outreach services to reach victims of abuse in the community. If you require this support we can arrange to meet with you in your community.

Children’s Outreach Program

Autumn House also offers services to children who are affected by family violence:

  • share and learn counselling sessions

  • discussions and workbook activities

  • support and information

  • children’s education and support group.

New Directions

New Directions is a program of the Cumberland County Transition House Association that offers assistance to men who engage in abusive behaviour. We are a closed-group program that covers 20 or more topics. We meet once a week for 2 hours. There are 10-12 men in the group. Confidentiality is respected which creates a safe environment for you to come and share your experiences, explore your options, and work on changing your abusive behaviour.


Our Services

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