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Our goal is to eliminate violence in intimate-partner relationships and to promote peace in the homes of our community.

We support a woman’s right to choose. We are non-judgemental and client-centred counsellors. You can always access services at Autumn House, regardless of your relationship status or whether you choose to stay at our shelter. Our focus is on exploring options, resources and making sure you are safe.


Autumn House is part of the Cumberland County Interagency on Family Violence and works with Mental Health and Addictions, Department of Justice, Police Agencies, Community Services and others to help provide key services in your community.


Our Board

Our Board is made of diligent members from our community who are invested in and inspired by our mission to provide the services and support eliminating violence and promoting peace in the homes of our community.

Chair: Debra Ryan

Vice-Chair: Christiana MacDougall

Secretary: Joanne Gibson

Treasurer: Ed Colquhoun


Andrew Cameron

Melanie Siddall

Meredith Ralston

Jackie Cormier

Ex-Officio/Executive Director: Dawn Ferris

Annual Report and Financials

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